The Talent Show

When their town gets destroyed by a tornado, everyone is pretty depressed. So in order to cheer everyone up and raise some money, the community decides to put on a talent show. Unfortunately, no one in town is particularly talented. But that doesn’t stop everyone from giving it their all! Especially the one star in town. She just might have what it takes—if she can get to the show on time. When another tornado hits, the kids make every effort to put the show on, but there may be more surprises in store!Dan Gutman delivers another hilarious tale about school adventures!

Keeping Warm in Hard Times: The Art of Saving Money on Home Heating Costs

Heating and cooling your home is generally your largest energy bill, costing more than fueling your car, but you can make big cuts in your heating and cooling costs while still staying comfortable. Learn how you can dramatically reduce your costs through projects some small and some large, many of which you can do yourself that will reduce what it takes to keep your home’s temperature where you want it. Learn what heating options are available today; including high efficiency gas and oil heating units, geothermal heat pumps, wood, outdoor wood boilers, coal, solar heating, wood pellets, corn, grass pellets, biofuels and others, and see how they stack up against each other in terms of installation costs and operating costs plus the steps of sizing and installing them are explained. You can then pick the one that best meets your needs and works best in your area. Also covered are what to do when you cannot afford heat; when the furnace breaks, heating in blackouts, or if the natural gas stops, as well as how to save on air conditioning costs, also some marketed ways of how not to save on heating costs that you should avoid and how to super insulate your house. This is a do-it-yourself book about how you can retrofit your existing house into the energy efficient home of tomorrow, while not breaking the bank, as well as covering how to make the best of what you have and how to get by on less if you have to. Much of the information in the book is from author’s personal experience in reducing his own heating costs. Included are lots of handy trade secrets and tricks for fixing problems and installing things that can make life a lot easier even if times are hard. (20 chapters, 356 pages)

Used Book in Good Condition