Sport timer Stopwatch 226 ? Green


Stopwatch, warranty card, instruction sheet, walking book
Times single events and time-out activities
Times cumulative splits
Captures 1-2 fast finishes
Time of day, date and alarms

California Exotics Mini Hummer Wearable Vibrator

Health & Personal Care
If you ve ever seen a hummingbird zipping around you know the speed and intensity of its flight as it beats its wings faster than you can watch. Nature's answer to the vibrator, the hummingbird is the inspiration behind the Mini Hummer clit stimulator. Requires 3 AA size batteries, not included. This hands-free, jelly mini vibe beats on your clit at an unbelievable rate and is small and discreet enough to wear anytime, anyplace. Talk about a nature walk!

Ridged, small, and easy to wear
Powerful multi-speed Interactive battery pack
Fully adjustable thong design
3 AA batteries